JUNE 3-5, 2011

Your True You : The Power of Personal Choices in Painting

Want a safe way to express and explore your art and yourself?

But exactly who is this self?
How do you find it?

I think your choices are what show off your self. It’s your attitude to something, and how you respond.

So when it comes to art, the first thing you have to do is start making choices. You have to identify what choices you could make, what choices you will make, and how you’ll make them. Keep the ones that fit your personality, and toss out the rest.

When you do that you can’t help but paint like you—and only you.

This is not a workshop on color theory, aerial perspective or virtuoso drawing. This is a landscape painting workshop where we’ll play around and experiment with ideas you might normally hesitate to try on your own. We’ll work in the studio using your own subject matter and go through several exercises that will promote and encourage you to identify and trust in your choices. You will discover the most interesting elements from your source material to fit your unique vision.

Your true voice is rich, compelling and captivating. You’ve got your own style—you just have to find it. Bring your curiousity and join me in doing just that!

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