New website coming soon
Here's Why You Should Sign Up

Here’s Why You Should Sign Up

Imagine attending a Gallery Opening without worrying about where to park your car or what to wear, heck. . .you can even leave your wallet at home and still enjoy looking around.

That’s what my new website will offer you. . . a relaxed place to show up and look around. A place to be inspired and informed without all the pressure. Art is suppose to be a stress reliever, improve the quality of our lives and give us stories to tell.

That’s The Best Reason to Sign Up On My Mailing List!

I ‘ve been a lucky gal to assemble an interesting list of clients, and when you send me your email address, I will be tickled to include you on that exclusive contact list. I refer to it as “The Brotherhood”. Friends who enjoy looking at art, being surrounded by art and who live life creatively, all with the sole purpose of celebrating what it is to be alive.

Okay, Here’s 3 More Reasons

The Theme of the Month will showcase my work with a different theme each month. Cool hey? I can’t wait. It will challenge me and be a visual treat for you.

Glad You Asked will include interesting rants from me, to you, answering goofy and not so goofy questions about your aunt that paints, drinking and drawing and how to mix the perfect color mud.

Tips and Insights From On Location are mostly observations from painting in the field but will also include notes from my museum field trips or visits to my friend’s studios.

When you Sign Up you will be the first to find out about anything new before it goes online. I will send you a direct link to your inbox (which you can cancel at any time). The website will be inspirational and cool to look at. Oh yeah..and different than most artists sites you’ve seen because it will give you useful information along with creative ah ha moments and insights.

Send me your email now so when my new site is ready, I can let you know in advance about the very first, Theme Of The Month.


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New Website Coming Soon
Here's Why You Should Sign Up