With her backpack as her favorite tool, Mimi travels throughout the United States and into many isolated places to discover new motifs.

The pictures painted in these locations - like all those in this portfolio - were born not behind an easel in a comfortable studio but out of endless encounters with nature and depict an historically significant vision of the natural world.

She begins each painting with pencil sketches, simplifying the image into light and dark masses to accentuate the distilled and essential pattern of the scene.

Believing that simplicity is the most complicated idea to pursue, she strives to capture the beauty of a simple and strong observation.

Mimi's diligent approach won her the prestigious John F. Anna Lee Stacey Award and the respect and admiration of her peers and patrons. Collectors are continually drawn to her oil paintings of landscapes and still lifes for their rich application of color, simplified design, and expressive brushwork.

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